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If you own a laptop, then you know the most important issue is the battery life. Usually, the battery of the laptop last for about 1 to 3 hours and thereafter you would have to recharge it if you want to keep using the laptop. Alternatively, you would have to possess a spare battery to be able to put it back. However, both batteries would still need to be charged for extended use. But now you’ll be able to bid this matter goodbye upon an external laptop wall charger.

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When you have another charger, battery is positioned inside the dock and then the charger is connected to the power source. This sort of charger is great for those who have misplaced the normal charger for internet connected computers. Also, it is ideal for charging the spare battery that several people carry with these.

If you would want to purchase another laptop charger, then you definitely should be aware of the company name of your respective laptop as well as model number. This is because these chargers are specific to the brand and occasionally also towards the model number in question. You can easily understand this type of charger from an electronics store or even a retail store that sells laptops. Thanks towards the advent with the Internet, you can also buy the charger online from reliable web stores that deal with gadgets.

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If you cannot look for a charger for it for the specific laptop brand name and model number, then you are able to choose a universal charger with a battery. In this case, the battery is connected to a laptop through external means and is not inserted into it slot in internet connected computers. A point to make note of here is until this kind of charger will never be coupled to the USB port in internet connected computers. If you do so, the battery is not going to charge and you will not be able to make use of laptop.

Based on the manufacturer and model of the charger, be ready to spend anywhere from $50 to about $200 for the charger. On the other hand, a universal battery cum charger can cost you approximately $100.